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Affordable Custom House Plans & Unique Home Plans

European House Plans: European house plans borrow materials and exterior details that are common in French house plansEnglish house plansSpanish house plans, and Mediterranean house plans. Typical features of European house plans include keystones, corner quoins, and copper-topped bay roofs, which punctuate the home’s traditional massing. Exterior cladding is usually stucco, stone or brick. European house plans are enjoying a resurgence in the United States, and our gorgeous collection has some of the best.

Beach/Coastal House Plans: 

Beach house plans, sometimes referred to as coastal house plans, have a distinctive look that's both unique and refreshing. They borrow from a variety of house plan styles, including Spanish house plansMediterranean house plans and even Victorian house plans. In Florida, beach house plans tend to be perched on stilts to provide a measure of defense against the hurricanes that move ashore. Many of our beach house plans use wood (pole) or cement (pier) posts as foundations, and usually include panoramic windows and outdoor living spaces oriented to the rear, to capitalize on the fabulous water views. Exterior material choices for beach house plans need to respond well to the elements and be able to weather salt air, which is why some homeowners choose synthetic materials, which are less prone to degradation from salt mist. 

Country House Plans: One of the most popular styles of house design in the United States right now is traditional country house plans. Typically, country house plans combine several traditional architectural details on their well-proportioned, cozy facades. Look for porches, gables, lap siding, shuttered windows, and dormer windows on country house plans. The famous nostalgic look that is characteristic of country house plans lends them their enduring appeal. Picture a home in a Norman Rockwell painting and, inevitably, you’ll be imagining a country house plan. Perfect examples of country house plans are also found in New England and the South. With more than 3,500 country house plans to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs

Ranch House Plans: Ranch house plans make great starter homes, owing to their cost-effective construction. Little more than rectangular floor plans with roofs, ranch house plans offer little exterior ornamentation, with basic exterior framing. Ranch house plans are popular with homeowners who want to save their money for their home's interior. Having built the house framework for substantially less than a more ornate architectural style would require, ranch house plans give home builders more resources to invest in interior style and décor, including finer lighting and water fixtures, wall coverings, furnishings and more. Ranch house plans offer a true, budget-wise home. If a ranch house plan appeals to you, we have a grand assortment. 

Two-Story House Plans: One of the best things two-story house plans have going for them is their construction efficiency. Generally speaking, it's cheaper to build up than out. Square foot for square foot, a two-story house plan is less expensive to build than a one-story house plan. Two-story house plans, for the most part, are also not bound by style; unless a style is specifically defined by its levels (say, a ranch house plan), that style can be applied to a two-story design. Two-story floor plans usually place the gathering rooms on the main floor; here, you'll often find the formal living and dining rooms (or a Great Room to replace them both), the family room, and the kitchen. The master bedroom can be located on either floor, but typically the upper floor becomes the children's domain. If you're ready to "move on up," browse our selection of two-story house plans.

Colonial House Plans: Colonial house plans are the home designs common in the original thirteen American colonies (and those that were settled soon after). Examples of Colonial house plans range from simple—think divided Dutch doors and dominant, central chimneys—to grand—picture Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Early American house plansfederal house plans, and Georgian house plans all fall under the umbrella of Colonial house plans. The Colonial house plans being built in America today are actually part of what's called "Colonial Revival," which was first seen around 1880, and grew rapidly after World War I. Most Colonial house plans possess a more or less flat, symmetrical facade with double-hung, shuttered windows and a prominent front door. A simple, boxlike shape prevails in this style, which is varied by porches, bay windows, and flat-roofed additions at the sides or back. 

Craftsman House Plans: The arts and crafts movement (1895-1935) grew from a reaction to the over-the-top house design of Victorian homes during 1870-1900. Embracing simplicity, handiwork, and natural materials, Craftsman house plans, such as bungalow house plans, are cozy with wood siding and (often) a stone-based porch. Bungalow house plans are usually one-and-a-half story house plans, with low-pitched roofs, shallow "shed" dormers and deep porches. Heavy stone porch column supports, columns that taper as they ascend, and wide projecting eaves are all typical features of Craftsman house plans, as are exposed eave brackets. Exterior materials may include brick and/or stucco. If you're longing for the comfort of a Craftsman home plan, you can find hundreds here. 

Traditional House Plans: Traditional house plans can be virtually any architectural style, with the exception of contemporary (and the styles that are considered contemporary styles). Cape Cod house plansVictorian house plansCraftsman house plansfederal house plansGeorgian house plansColonial house plans—all these and more fall under the umbrella of "traditional house plans." Traditional house plans are reminiscent of historic house plans, and are imbued with a "warmth" that is sometimes difficult to quantify. Typical architectural elements include gable or hip rooflines, porches, shuttered or arched windows, soft ornamentation, exterior arches, and other classic touches. It's not uncommon for us to hear customers say, "I know it when I see it," while trying to describe a traditional house plan.

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Green House Plans: Uncomplicated design Efficient exterior wall framing

Energy-saving features like use of solar panels or berm construction

Green building is a hot trend in residential construction. It considers the environmental impact during the design, construction, maintenance and use of a building. These include site-specific positioning, use of sustainable and renewable materials, energy-efficient building techniques, water conservation, indoor environmental air quality and self-generation of energy. If you are looking to build green, look for elements such as energy-efficient windows and doors and water-efficient toilets and fixtures, open spaces, modest ceiling heights and plenty of natural light sources. 2x6 or thicker exterior wall framing. These designs include solar and berm designs.

Characteristics of Southern House Plans:

Front porches



Southern house plans have a warmth and a historical connection that few other styles can mirror. The exterior design elements of Southern house plans can include inviting stacked porches, verandas, shuttered windows, arched transom windows, and dormers, which lend themselves to nostalgia and lasting appeal. The Louisiana Creole and Tidewater (South Carolina and vicinity) styles are often topped by a metal roof, giving them a distinctive appearance. Plantations and similar estate house plans also belong in the Southern house plans category.

Mediterranean House Plans:

Low-pitched tile roof

Stucco siding

Arches over windows and doors

Courtyard, patio or deck

Mediterranean-style homes mimic those traditionally found in Mediterranean countries, particularly Spain, France and Italy. A low-pitched, tile roof, often red, is the most distinctive characteristic of this style of house plan. Usually finished in stucco, these house plans often include a courtyard or patio, columns and arched windows and openings. Wrought-iron balconies and details also are common characteristics of these homes. Mediterranean homes share many features with Spanish house plans.

Contemporary House Plans:

Odd, irregular shapes

Little ornamentation

Oversized windows

Open floor plans

Contemporary home designs enjoyed their highest levels of popularity during the 1970s, but the style still retains its appeal today. Pure contemporary house plans display such eye-catching features as asymmetrical design, unusual angles, flat roofs with varied or multi-level rooflines, boldly articulated windows, silo-like towers, little ornamentation and vertical siding. Contemporary house design is, in fact, a post-modern interpretation of the modernist mindset, which pared buildings down to stark edifices with little warmth. Today's contemporary house plans include references to traditional architecture, albeit redefined and reinterpreted.

We have been providing custom house plans for home builders in Indiana  and Kentucky since 1998.  In the past twenty years I have drawn over 5000 home plans for my Kentuckiana clients.

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